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Researchers are interested in diamond-structured lasers pointer because they are able to transmit energy over long distances and are less susceptible to interference. The study may be able to achieve applications in blue laser pointer ranging, space communications or red laser pointer weapons.

The key to this research is that this diamond laser pen can improve manufacturing technology. The diamonds used in this green laser pointer are not made from the ground but are made in the lab. Now scientists have been able to create more perfect synthetic diamonds, and they will become better and better with time.

Acupuncture has the function of regulating qi and blood, relieving pain and strengthening the immune system, but this effect is often slow, unable to deal with severe cervical and lumbar diseases to patients with various problems. Russia is the pioneer of the use of medical green lasers pointer, the famous Russian neurosurgery experts, the technology's main patent inventor Professor Saandre Boris Elieci in many years of clinical work, witnessed the patients undergoing open surgery Pain and its treatment of the spine physiological function of the destructive, so determined to study a truly minimally invasive treatment.

In 1981, the World Health Organization has put laser pen medicine as one of the official disciplines, in fact, as early as the invention of laser in 1960, the second year, people began to study the medical purple laser pointer, through years of research, people will laser pointer on the human body and The role of biological is divided into five kinds: thermal effect, photochemical effect, pressure effect, electromagnetic field effect, biological stimulating effect, they are the scientific basis and basis of laser diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Silk if the machine has 80 laser irradiation point, the helmet is also rich in silicone feet, can pull the hair, so that the laser directly to the hair follicle, to achieve the best hair effect. Its coverage is large, the laser pointer emission wavelength is accurate, and the use of pure gold thermal patch, to protect the maximum transmission of laser energy to ensure the best hair effect.

Blue laser pointer processing services include laser cutting, drilling, etching and other processing technology; mainly used in LED wafer dicing, ceramic circuit board processing, high hardness materials processing and other fields; to achieve the downstream products of precision manufacturing.

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