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Mobile phone jammers are very popular. The mobile bluetooth jammer was originally developed for law enforcement and the military to disrupt communications between criminals and terrorists. Bombs exploded in Spain in March 2004 and explosions in Bali in October 2002 and explosions in Jakarta in August 2003.

The phone jammer is also known as a phone blocker or jammer, which is a device that prevents wireless connections in its environment. This creates an artificial corner, which prevents the use of mobile phones and smartphones. The mobile jammer is mainly aimed at mobile phone networks, but wi-fi and GPS are also affected. The range of the phone signal jammer depends on the model. A device that affects only a 10-meter radius, but also has a model that affects more than 40 meters. For the army and the government, there are also models that interfere with radio signals within a range of thousands of meters.

Another benefit is that when you stop important conversations, it can interrupt annoying interruptions by phone. Imagine you're in the middle of a lot of things, and someone's phone is ringing. This will not happen with the help of the GSM jammer. If the phone rings before it is stopped, you will receive voice messages after disabling the ukw radio jammer, informing you that you have not answered the phone.

Who is interested in mobile jammers?
There are a lot of people interested in potential mobile jammers. Aren't welcome no matter where in the use of mobile phones, will be in the absence of a ban on rapidly build such jammer: school, church, cinemas and theatres, but there are some companies and employers want back cell phone jammers. Companies may prevent customers from making online price comparisons in their stores.

Cell phone jammer is a crime service.

Mobile phone jammers related to crime are also popular. The jammer not only interrupts the connection to the mobile network, thereby preventing the interruption of emergency calls, but also interferes with the wireless connection and the wireless alarm system. Criminals can take advantage of this, for example, by making it easier to attack cash carriers or buildings that are protected by alerts.

Great. Do you want something like that? It's not easy. Cell phone jammers are banned in the country's private and many other countries, as well as in other countries across the European Union. Part of the reason is that cell phone jammers not only prevent private radio communications, but also prevent the radios of police, fire brigades and other important institutions. In addition, emergency calls cannot be sent again.

It is widely reported that in December 2016, cell phone jammers thwarted attempts to assassinate Pakistani President pervez musharraf. When President bush visited London in November 2004, it was reported that British police had seen the protection of the President of London with the help of a purr. In the hostage situation, the police can control when and where the prisoner dialed.

The company uses purrs to block voice transmission and take photos from the camera phone to stop corporate espionage. At one end of the spectrum of legitimacy, rumour has it that hotel chains are installing jamming devices to stop the use of mobile phones and force them to work at high prices on their cell phones. Such an excellent mobile jammer application.

If you want to buy a GPS jammer, you may be aware of its function, which is to interfere with GPS signals that might interfere with GPS tracking. We'll explain it in detail here.The uav needs GPS to provide accurate positioning for it, so it is very simple to target the uav, and the use of the drone jammer can cause it to lose its direction.

Before I explain my convenience, it's best to explain how GPS works. GPS represents the system used by GPS, individuals, commercial entities and armies, especially for navigation purposes.

GPS global positioning system uses a series of earth-orbiting satellites that emit radio signals. The signal reaches the GPS receiver to determine the location by triangulation. GPS can be found in personal handheld devices and mobile phones, vehicle navigation and positioning systems, and small GPS tracking devices.

Vehicle Mounted GPS Jamming Device for Sale Portable Jammer GPS Signal Blocker

By triangulation, three separate points can be found to calculate the position. In the vehicle's navigation system, the position of the vehicle is measured by three satellites. By triangulation, GPS can transmit the position to the receiver with only a few inches of precision.

A GPS signal is a radio signal with a certain frequency. GPS actually has two main frequencies, one for public, non-military (1575.42 MHz), and the other for the U.S. military (1227.6mhz). Since GPS is only a faint radio wave, these waves can be interfered or distorted by using a GPS jammer.

Car GPS jammer were originally created by governments, military organizations and spy agencies. Its application involves the confusion of where the enemy is located or where the enemy's GPS missile or bomb falls.

Now, civilians have been looking for these devices to protect their privacy in the growing GPS tracking world. There are several civilian ways to prevent the major privacy related GPS signals, including the ability to hide themselves or vehicles under the GPS receiver. A convenient application is the sales staff or drivers, they may want to eat lunch at outside their territory, or go home to get a project, without much explanation for vehicle GPS tracking. Most civil GPS jammers are enough to cover even the largest vehicles that can protect users' privacy.

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