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Titel: Application of High Power Semiconductor Laser
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The development of high power semiconductor lasers makes it possible for many important applications. These lasers have replaced many traditional technologies and have implemented a new category of products. With an increase of more than 10 times the cost and performance of every ten years, high power semiconductor 10mw laser pointer have undermined the normal operation of the market in an unpredictable way. Although it is difficult to predict future applications accurately, it is very meaningful to review the past thirty years' development process and provide framework for the next ten years' development.

1980s: optical storage and the original small number of applications. Optical storage is the first large application in the semiconductor laser industry. Shortly after Holzer first demonstrated the infrared semiconductor laser, Nick Holonyak of Ge Corp also demonstrated the first visible red laser diode. Twenty years later, the CD was pushed to the market, followed by a light storage market.

The continuous innovation of semiconductor 200mw laser pointer technology has brought about the development of optical storage technology such as digital multifunction optical disk (DVD) and blue optical disk (BD). This is the first big market of semiconductor lasers, but usually moderate power level limits other applications to relatively small niche markets, such as thermal printing, medical applications and selected aviation and defense applications.

1990s: optical networks prevail. In the 1990s, semiconductor lasers became the key to communication networks. Semiconductor lasers are used to transmit signals through the optical fiber network. However, the high power single-mode pump lasers for optical amplifiers are very important for realizing the scale of optical networks and truly supporting the growth of Internet data.

Spectra Diode Labs (SDL), one of the first pioneers of the high power semiconductor laser industry, has a far-reaching impact on the prosperity of the telecommunications industry. SDL was founded in 1983. It was jointly established by the 500mw laser pointer brand Spectra-Physics of the Newport group of America (Spectra-Physics) and Xerox (Xerox). It was listed in 1995 and its market value is about 100 million dollars. Five years later, SDL was sold to JDSU for more than $40 billion during the peak of the telecommunications industry, one of the biggest technology acquisitions in history. Soon after, the telecommunications bubble burst and destroyed trillions of dollars of capital, now regarded as the largest bubble in history.

2000s: laser is a tool. Although the disillusionment of the telecom market bubble is devastating, the huge investment in high-power semiconductor lasers lays a foundation for wider adoption. With the improvement of performance and cost, these lasers have begun to replace traditional gas lasers or other energy conversion sources in a variety of processes.

Semiconductor 50mw laser pointer have become a widely used tool. Industrial applications range from traditional manufacturing processes (such as cutting and welding) to new advanced manufacturing technologies (such as 3D printing metal parts for material increase). Micro manufacturing applications are more diverse, because key products such as smartphones have been commercialized through these lasers.

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Aerospace and defense applications involve a wide range of key mission applications, and the next generation of targeted energy systems may be included in the future.