Should I buy a XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro pen display drawing tablet ? von xiaoshou

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Titel: Should I buy a XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro pen display drawing tablet ?
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publiziert am: 22.06.2018 10:27

Hi all.

I'm living in sydney australia . I'm certain I want to get a Pen display but can't fork over the money for a Cintiq. I've been eyeballing the Artist 22E Pro and was wondering which of these would be the better choice. Looking for a Mid size pen display Under 700 dollars .

I did a lot of research of xp-pen Artist series before purchasing mine, and I found that the reviews were generally very good for the xp-pen Artist series . You get the odd one where someone has had an issue, but my feeling was that these were well within the acceptable range and no more than you get with Wacom tablets, for example.

below is the description of XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro ( )

22" HD Display features a wide format, full HD resolution and extra wide viewing angle.
Work naturally and intuitively directly on screen. Sketch, paint, design and edit directly on the surface of the screen.Response Rate:14ms
Wacom's most advanced pressure and tilt-sensitive pen technology replicates the natural effects and experience of working with conventional tools such as pens, markers, and brushes.
Time saving 16 Express Keys, Work easier and faster with customizable ExpressKeys™, one-touch access to your favorite shortcuts

I’ve not had any issues with the HDMI port. The build of the device feels good and solid. If I could not see the brand label I’d believe you if you told me it was made by Samsung, Sony or some other major brand. It’s not going to blow you away with style, but it feels rugged, well made and in keeping with other consumer electronics I own.

For me the Artist 16 won out over the Huion for one main reasons. First, is that it has express keys. I use these all the time. I use them for zoom levels. For brush size changes. For Movement. And for colour picking. A tablet without express keys on the bezel would slow me down and be a major frustration. You can of course use a keyboard, but that can be a bit bulky and it’s much harder to use without having to look up and see which key you are pressing. And there are remotes, but that’s more cost and it’s not as convenient as having the keys right under your hand all the time.

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Should I buy a XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro pen display drawing tablet ?