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Titel: XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro professional Graphics Drawing Tablet Display Monitor for illustrators
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The professional-grade XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro carries on the company's tradition of offering the best PC- and Mac-based drawing surfaces on the planet. It's ideal for professional illustrators, cartoonists, graphic designers, and artists who prefer to sketch directly on the screen, instead of drawing on a gray tablet and having to look at a separate display while working. The Artist 22E Pro replaces the now-discontinued Artist 22HD as our Editors' Choice for interactive pen displays, thanks in part to the 22E Pro's improved LED-backlit display and wide-aspect ratio, but mainly because there's still nothing quite like a XP-Pen Artist display.
Display resolution and pen sensitivity
The brightness of the 22E Pro’s display (250 cd/m2) is actually highly and with a viewing angle of 178 degrees, it would be difficult to not see your art work in full clarity, no matter where you stand. At 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and capable of displaying over 16.7 million colors, it should ensure your art pieces appear crystal clear. The color accuracy is pretty spot on but for those who really need it to be accurate, the 24HD (92% Adobe RGB) or the 24HD Touch (97% Adobe RGB) may be better for your needs.

And with 8192 pressure levels and a 60-degree tilt angle, the pen flows smoothly and feels completely natural and very responsive.

XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro Graphics Drawing Tablet Display Monitor has 16 express keys, 8 on each side of the screen, which is another benefit of getting a bigger Artist. Express keys are particularly important on the Artist, so that you won’t need to reach for the keyboard if you used them efficiently.

Artist 22E Pro comes with XP-Pen’s standard grip pen, which has a rubber grip & two buttons, which can be customized using the driver software to suit your needs. And just like the case with XP-Pen devices, there are additional nibs are inside the pen holder. 10 in total, which are likely to last you for a good time before you will need to buy new ones.

21.5 inches HD Display.
Has a full HD resolution 1920×1080.
Work naturally and intuitively directly on screen. Sketch, paint, design and edit directly on the surface of the screen.
XP-Pen’s most advanced pressure and tilt-sensitive pen technology replicates the natural effects and experience of working with conventional tools such as pens, markers, and brushes.
Has 18 time saving express keys, in addition to scroll Ring and radial menus give you customizable, one-touch shortcuts and modifiers.
Supports Windows 7/8/10 and Mac Os x 10.8.x or later. Compatible with popular digital art software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Comic Studio, SAI, Zbrush, Medibang Paint, Toonboom Harmony etc.
Active Area:- 19.5 Inch W x 11.5 Inch H (475.2 x 267.3 mm).
Display Connector:- DVI-I (You will need some kind of adapter in case you don’t have a DVI port in your computer).
Pressure Levels:- 8192 on both the pen tip and eraser.
Contrast Ratio:- 1000:1.
For an obvious reason, everyone finds the Artist is attractive, because it is more natural to draw directly on the screen compared to regular graphics tablet, which doesn’t require you a superior Eye-Hand coordination to do that. I personally liked to call it “The dream of all us artists”.


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