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Titel: Naval Research is doing with the surface ship laser
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Laser weapons seem to be all the rage these days. For instance, there is the German turret technology that boasts of near limitless power.U.S. Navy sailors inspect AGM-65 Maverick air-to-surface tactical missiles and laser-guided-bomb units on the flight deck of the USS Enterprise.A green laser pointer gun is seen on display at the Oerlikon stand during the Defence and Security Exhibition 2015 at the ExCel convention center in London.But laser weapons are not a distant prospect. Under ONR's Solid-State Laser-Technology Maturation program.
And an added advantage is that defenses and countermeasures will be tricky to develop, as a laser ray is not visible.It said China’s laser system with its precision, speed and low noise can shoot down drones at an altitude of 500 meters and a speed of 50 meters per second .In December 2014, the USS Ponce's Laser Weapons System became the first operational battlefield laser, capable of engaging light aircraft.One of the most dire effects of these blinding laser weapons could be their effect on pilots.

These new weapons, like the high powered laser pointer cannon, were too big and heavy to be mounted on most aircraft.Chinese special forces are likely to be the current users of Chinese blinding lasers. Large, or supercapacitors have been used in lasers and other forms of electrically powered weapons as to store energy and boost power.In 2013, China surprised the world by displaying the indium-free technology developed by China’s top laser scientist Liu Xingsheng in a world exhibition.
Fortunately, we can usually make a good guess on the type of laser used by any system.Firing a deadly laser beam from a warship, for instance, required a powerful generator and a battery or capacitor capable of storing and discharging such high energy rapidly, the researcher said.It states that it is prohibited to employ laser weapons specifically designed to cause permanent blindness to unenhanced vision like the naked eye.Beijing's efforts to harness laser weapons technology began in the 1960s.

The report says that to some extent China still lags behind the United States in Red Laser Pointer technology.A laser which could shoot quickly down or disable a cruise or ballistic missile would be a huge tactical achievement.In reviewing the information about laser development in these links.Currently in the world, Russia's leading position in the laser theory, laser weapons, the United States and Israel are leading the application.Laser radar can detect targets at the moment directly after its destruction!
Magic Star Wars laser weapons as the U.S. plans to re-stage, China is also in 1990 quietly re-launched the laser weapons.China has gradually carried out Laser CO2 laser (electrical stimulation, actuation), chemical lasers, free electron laser and X-ray laser to explore, including CO2 laser, and chemical output power of up to million watts or more.Then install the ABL high-energy chemical fluorine-iodine laser and beam control system on the incoming "Falcon" to intercept the beam control system that senses the target.
Two bursts from the chemical Laser Sight struck a sensor array on the MSTI-3 craft.According to the most recent study, current laser technology has the power to vaporize any known material.Looking at the Maritime Laser Demonstration and other programs ONR the Office of Naval Research is doing with the surface ship laser.First will be a briefing suitable for senior NATO leadership to provide better awareness of the rapid advancement in high-energy laser weapon capabilities.

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