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Titel: Advantages of Fiber Laser in Cutting Applications
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publiziert am: 17.05.2017 09:59

Fiber laser as one of the core devices of high-end manufacturing equipment, fiber laser fit industrial transformation of the large environmental background, the difficulty of high, large changes in the requirements of multi-dimensional processing applications, industrialization and scale of the process to accelerate.
The reason, on the one hand, several kilowatt-class continuous high-power burning laser technology is mature, the emergence of a strong fiber laser manufacturers, the formation of a competitive mass production scale, to ensure adequate supply of the market; the other hand, fiber laser The advantages of material processing to make it favored in the market, more efficient solution to traditional enterprises with high production costs, low production efficiency pain points, so there is a huge market space.
Taking the laser cutting application as an example, the processing characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine and YAG solid laser cutting machine are compared, and the advantages and advantages of fiber laser in laser cutting are discussed.
Operation requirements and maintenance: CO2 laser need to adjust the optical path, and the effect of optical path adjustment will affect the cutting quality, so the operator must have a certain skill requirements, and the need for external optical path maintenance; YAG solid laser thermal lens effect is obvious, ; Fiber 200mw green laser fiber transmission, no adjustment, maintenance-free, high stability, easier operation. Cutting speed and effect: Fiber laser cutting speed is 2-3 times the same power CO2 laser, especially in the metal sheet cutting, fiber laser cutting machine cutting speed in the three types of laser cutting machine has obvious advantages. Fiber laser cutting machine beam quality is good, cutting gap is small, cutting edge formation.
Material applicability and application industry: CO2 laser more widely applicable materials, and fiber laser on metal materials, including aluminum, copper and other high-reflective material applicability, more in line with sheet metal manufacturing, 3C household electrical appliance industry, the new energy industry processing requirements The Energy consumption and comprehensive cost: fiber laser photoelectric conversion rate of more than 30%, with the power CO2 100mw laser pointer cutting machine photoelectric conversion rate of about 10% to 15%, solid-state laser photoelectric conversion rate of 3%. Fiber laser power consumption is only 20-30% of the same power CO2 laser, the combined cost is lower.

Fiber laser cutting more sophisticated, focusing focus up to 25um, small heat affected area, small slits, small workpiece deformation. As a flexible processing method, fiber lasers can be combined with automatic control system to achieve automatic tracking, automatic search edge, automatic nesting material, greatly enhance the production efficiency, its metal sheet cutting widely used, the performance is better, can better meet the fine Cutting processing requirements. Fiber lasers have replaced a considerable portion of CO2 blue laser pointer and YAG solid-state lasers in the field of sheet metal cutting applications, and future breakthroughs in high-power fiber lasers will likely accelerate this alternative.

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